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Designed out of the need for an intimate environment,  where Namibian art and artists could gain exposure for their creative works and connect with others in the field, The Project Room was officially established in 2016. Created by Namibian jewellery designer and artist, Frieda Lühl, The Project Room presents an accessible local platform of creative expression and interactivity – a collaborative space to appreciate and interact with artists and their artworks.


In its physical form, The Project Room is housed in an airy, whitewashed art gallery in Windhoek suburbia, and host regular exhibitions, featuring a diversity of artworks that range from jewellery and ceramics, to print, photography, painting, performance and fine art. In addition and through activities like artist-walkabouts, group projects and workshops, it serves as a welcoming setting to exchange creative thoughts and ideas.


In its digital form and through its online presence, The Project Room works to create maximum exposure and awareness for a handpicked selection of local artists. With a particular focus on upcoming artists in the early stages of their career, it supports selected individuals by introducing their works to a global audience, which includes access to online art buyers, but also provides representation through exhibitions and art fairs, and in selected cases assists with artistic materials.

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The Project Room currently supports the following Namibian artists:

Rudolf Seibeb

Barbara Böhlke

Mitchell Gatsi

Ndako Nghipandulwa

Trianus Nakale

Lynette Musukubili

Titus Shitaatala

Dörte Berner


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