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Art for Bank Windhoek

Updated: May 17, 2022

Over the last year, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with Windhoek-based interior design company Women Unleashed on the new Bank Windhoek Capricorn Corner building. This collaboration marks our biggest consulting job to date and we want to thank Melanie and Nyasyo from Women Unleashed as well as Mare-Louise from Bank Windhoek for absolutely great teamwork.

Since Capricorn Corner houses mainly offices and training facilities most of the artworks are not accessible to the public. The four-meter-high Quiver tree sculpture created by Mateus Alfeus though, is standing proud in the entrance hall and invites visitors to take a rest on the integrated seats under the tall canopy. This sculpture was created from recycled metal, originally used to bind large steel consignments together. Working outside and with the help of our annual rains, the Quiver tree now has a beautiful rusted patina which is complemented by the leather seats integrated into the sculpture.

Quiver tree by Mateus Alfeus

Most of the original artworks were professionally transformed into large-scale wallpapers. These wallpapers are used throughout the building in boardrooms and classrooms.

The original works acquired by the bank are displayed in direct proximity and skilfully create the context between the artworks and the wallpaper.

Object prints by Shiya Karuseb

Print by Gabi Woker

Cardboard work by Michelle Isaak

Cyanotype by Marita van Rooyen

Ndako Nghipandulwa created a great world map spanning the main wall in the CEO's office. Using his signature nail and string technique he meticulously shaded every country on the map.

Mixed media work by Ndako Nghipandulwa

The first consultation brought about the next job in another Bank Windhoek branch.

A communal staff space was created within the existing office building and needed some artistic touch. Again Bank Windhoek agreed to give local artists the chance to transform the available basement into what is now called "The Nest', a space to relax, have informal meetings, enjoy a coffee, or play a round of billiard.

The corridor leading to 'The Nest' show several graffiti-style murals by Petrus Amuthenu.

As you enter the space another great mural by Petrus Amuthenu featuring a life-size Jazz band forms the backdrop to one of the seating areas.

Mural by Petrus Amuthenu

Artworks by Mitchell Milton Gatsi, Urte Remmert, Kabelo Kim Modise, and Fillow Nghipandulwa are displayed throughout this recreational space. Again, the original artworks were used to create large-scale prints which now form partitions between some of the seating areas.

Digital illustration by Mitchell Milton Gatsi

Collage by Urte Remmert

Charcoal drawing by Kabelo Kim Modise

Painting by Fillow Nghipandulwa

We want to thank Bank Windhoek for creating space, recognizing and celebrating local arts within their corporate buildings and hope it serves as an inspiration to many more companies and institutions.

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