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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The last exhibition in 2020 will be a group show titled

IN THE MEANTIME opening in November.

Part of this exhibition will be the live performance O'tee by Tuli Mekondjo.

Please join us for Tuli's performance on Saturday the 9th of October at 11 am at Cramer's on Independence Avenue.

For those not in Windhoek we are excited to share O'tee live and online.

Join us for the livestream on the Guns & Rain Art Instagram page.

Tuli Mekondjo: "O’tee, is a lifetime performance piece that is inspired by meekulu who worked as a woman contract labourer, as a domestic worker at Uis during colonial Namibia. This performance interrogates the complex woven fabrics of unspoken memories and traumas of servanthood and domesticity of women in Namibia. Women made the shift from traditional households’domestic roles, to western servanthood roles/ domestic sciences during Colonial times and these roles has remain the foundation of current contemporary domestic work patterns. The performance aim to highlight historical and contemporary inequalities of racially based labour( domestic work) practices and the intimate tension that often results into patronizing attitudes from employers. What is our individual and collective meaning of servanthood?"

Tuli- Mekondjo ( b.1982) in Angola, is a Namibian self-taught artist who works with mixed media ( embroidery, collage, paint, resin and mahangu grain- a Namibian food staple) and extends these textured media into performance. Drawing on photographic archives and histories of loss and erasure of Namibian cultural practices, she explores history and identitypolitics through the lens of those who lived in exile during Namibia’s independence war. Sensitive botanical vines pay homage to her forebears, fertility and continuity, whilst veiled figures comment on gendered struggle, inter-generational trauma and displacement, bearing a quiet grief and a quest for truth.

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