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SPOTLIGHT ON: Lynette Musukubili

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Lynette Musukubili was born and grew up in Windhoek.

Discovering early that she can best express herself creatively, she decided to honor her skills by studying visual arts. Currently doing her higher diploma at the University of Namibia, Lynette especially enjoys the creative freedom and time for research that comes with studying.

Experimenting extensively with different types of found material, she was soon fascinated by plastic. Focusing more in detail on a variety of plastics, Lynette narrowed it down even more to plastic bags, the main material of her diploma works.

In her own words: I find plastics more exciting to work with, you can easily change the texture of plastic and how it looks by crocheting and fusing it. The other reason is that plastic is easy to get a hold of, it is everywhere, people just throw them away and it's exciting to turn unwanted items into something new.

The many hours Lynette needs to crochet the plastic bags into rags also serves as a time to take a critical look at her subject matter of gender-based violence and strengthening fellow women. Again in her own words: Personally, I haven't experienced or been a victim of GBV, but I have noticed an increase in GBV in our communities especially against women. Every time you go through the news there is always something that is GBV related, and as a fellow woman, I feel obligated to speak up about what is happening because when it comes to GBV, anybody can be a victim.

We wish Lynette all the best with her studies, and trust she will enjoy the time of research and experimentation.

We are looking forward to new works evolving from her studio.

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