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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

This workshop offers a space for artists, activists, thinkers, curators and scholars to present their research, ideas and works in progress. By bringing different disciplines in conversation with one another, we want to explore collectively how creative practices question, challenge and (re-)create knowledge.

When? 02 December 2022.

Where? The Project Room, 30 Julius Nyerere Street, Windhoek.

Artists, activists, thinkers, curators and scholars are actively shaping and contributing to political and public debates. Their practices critically interrogate what is conceived as common knowledge or what is accepted as ‘truth.’ However, the artistic, academic and activist realms often work in isolation from one another instead of joining forces, sharing insights or collaborating.

This workshop aims at providing a platform for cultural practitioners to present their artworks, films, performances, scholarly work, poems, or thoughts. Collectively reflecting on knowledge re-creation, allows us to uncover how our different disciplines are making and challenging knowledge. The workshop offers room to receive feedback on our work, to exchange perspectives and reflect on our practices of knowledge production.

If interested in participation, please send us one or two sentences about the topic you’d like to present before 06 November via mail.

See you at: The Project rRom, 30 Julius Nyerere Street, Windhoek; 02 December 2022

Organized by: Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja and Julia Rensing and the project room.

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