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Speak Out

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Trianus Nakale uses his creative calling to express emotional social challenges through a combination of illustrations and text on paper. While he exhibits a preference for pen ink to accentuate his subject matter – in blue, black and red – Nakale also experiments in calligraphy ink, pencil, coffee, watercolours and acrylic, and meddles in clay sculpture from time to time.

Often provocative in his visuals and words, Nakale maintains not to make art for aesthetics’ sake, but rather exclusively engages in drawings that articulate societal ills, such as gender based violence, corruption, greed and irresponsible actions. He uses his art to ventilate and offer a critique on societal wrongs, behaviours that he himself never experienced, but are often confronted with through his community. “Art is a visual language, which we should use as artists to change the world to be a better place. Through my art, I protest for change – I'm speaking out for the victims so they can get justice, and visualise their experiences in the hope for these sickening activities to come to an end.”

Nakale was born into a loving family of educators and creatives in the village of Ekoka in the Ohangwena region of northern Namibia. He completed his schooling in the area, before relocating to Windhoek to further his studies. He graduated from the College of the Arts in 2013, with a diploma in visual arts.

SPEAK OUT will open on the 11th and runs till the 25th of September.

Opening hours during the exhibition are Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 1pm.

Download PDF • 5.26MB

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