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Sculptor Kudzanai Katerere Celebrates 'Wonderful Women'

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

For artist Kudzanai Katerere, there's no better way to show his appreciation for his most ardent supporters than to honour them in stone.

Returning to The Project Room after the success of 'Carved' in 2017, the Zimbabwean artist presents 'Wonderful Women' in homage to the very thing.

“In my first solo in Namibia, I realised that it was women who supported me most. So I decided to dedicate this exhibition to them,” says Katerere, whose delicate, shapely, heavy lidded, large-lipped serpentine, opal and cobalt sculptures feature women giving thanks, nurturing life, engrossed in self-appreciation or in prayer. Illustrating the artist's undeniable reverence for his subject matter in their beauty and gentle occupations, the collection showcases a talent nurtured in the stone sculpting district of Nyanga when Katerere was a boy. “I believe this exhibition will bring great attention to people, especially women,” says the award-winning artist. “I believe it will encourage women to know their value and beauty first before anyone could recognise them. This will help them to take themselves seriously and not become the victims of abuse and all kinds of evil desperation.” Able to source a variety of good stones from Zimbabwe, which Katerere adds means 'The House of Stones', the artist is most proud of 'Beauty Pageant', featuring a woman whose textured afro recalls the original structure of the stone before graduating into the strikingly silky lines and signature facial features of the collection. “I believe I have done this piece to the full capacity of my brain. It is a real symbol to reflect the beauty of women both outward and inwardly,” says Katerere of his work on the piece before distilling the essence of his exhibition. “Women are wonderfully made. They bear children, their love is unconquered, their hairstyles are amazing, their individual beauty should be recognised. I hereby let the stone speak.” Katerere is an award-winning Zimbabwean artist. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, South Africa, the USA and the United Kingdom, featured on the BBC and honoured by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and the African Millennium Foundation. 'Wonderful Women' will be on display at The Project Room (32 Jenner Street) until 27 July.; Martha Mukaiwa on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook;

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