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Marcii Magson Presents 'Tekstura'

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Artist Marcii Magson makes her Windhoek solo debut with an experience at The Project Room.

She draws you in with elegiac music emanating from a MacBook in the corner as 'Tekstura', her 
striking solo exhibition, gurgles, ripples and streams. The black and white videos of crashing waves, dusty roads, quivering sea foam and cityscapes
moving past like a slow train are a meditation and about as literal as 'Tekstura' gets.

Beyond, the plunge into the abstract is deep and monochromatic. Mixed media, collaged or painted opera houses, winter suns, otherworldly figures and recent strangers are suggested in compelling frames. Textured, black and/or white canvasses activated through dynamic brush strokes and dripped paint as negotiations between colour and intuitive composition prompt inquiry, introspection and unbridled imagination.

An invitation for viewers “to have conversations with all the various possible resolutions of abstraction that present itself in the form of my paintings”, Magson presents a prolific, arresting and dramatic collection as confident as it is quietening.

“The most interesting painting is one that expresses more of what one thinks than what one sees,” said American painter Mark Rothko, and in 'Tekstura', where the artistic enigma of blocks, shapes, curves and splashes of colour, texture, marks, space and lines inspire curious journeys of the mind, his words hold true.

'Tekstura' will be on display until 29 June. Opening hours are Tuesday to

Friday from 09h00 to 13h00 and Saturday from 10h00 to 13h00.

–; Martha Mukaiwa on Twitter and Instagram;

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