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SPOTLIGHT ON: Fatmeh Joubert

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Fatmeh Joubert grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As the oldest of six, she was raised by her Lebanese dad and Sierra Leonean mother. When growing up Fatmeh has always been creating things and was fascinated by what she could make. Paying more attention to her artistic side now brings out the artist in her. When asked what time inspires her in art history she answered “I particularly like the neo-classic epoch and a little bit of the renaissance, although I don’t agree with how they portrayed women. However, I do lean towards modern art, but it is mostly the neo-classic that I’m inclined to.” Painting mostly in acrylic, Fatmeh also uses oil, ink and watercolour from time to time. In her own words: “I find that in creating the type of art I have been doing which is the fluid art, acrylic is very suitable for it, although one could incorporate ink. People do acrylic with ink and through that one could also create a stunning abstract piece, but for now, I use acrylic since it works on what I am currently focused on. But when I do my landscape art, I would sometimes use oil.”

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